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Latest UX/UI Design Trends to Follow in 2021

How can you distinguish your company’s online presence with more than 1.7 billion active websites? The user attention competition is always high. Each pixel is important and milliseconds determine whether you pull and detach your web and mobile visitors from visiting your website. Research demonstrates that design leads to positive first impressions of web and mobile users. The most important facilities for visitors, who visit your virtual presence, are the visual appeal and ease of use. In this context, the work of experience designers is vital to a successful online presence as it enables users to achieve their objectives. Every year, new UI and UX design trends emerge from the previous years successful work and many of them are pleasing and inspiring that revolutionizes user experience. With dynamic technological development, new tends to grow old and the old one came into existence and needed to be refurbished according to the needs of the users. These trends patterns are in a well-defined, systematic cycle that evolves with a changing customer taste and adapts to the manner in which we perceive the interaction with daily usages. Navigating these changes is an exciting yet demanding aspect of a design career. Our UX UI design skills keep up with the evolution of user tastes and new technologies.

UI vs UX

UX and UI are always interchanged by the people and it is believed that both are the same but it is not so. Since both of them are user-centric and work together to make a positive impact on the user’s experience while handling a software product. There’s a minor line between these two. The UI (User Interface design) is the bunch of web pages, screens, other CTA buttons, and visual icons that permit the person to communicate with the products and services being offered to him or her. On the other hand, The UX (User Experience design) , is the experience that a person has when they interact with any company’s products and services.

Let’s Explore some trending UI/UX design trends to be followed in 2021

1. Minimalism is the ultimate professionalism

Minimalistic design and attractive visuals are some of the latest UI design trends which will never lose their importance. Everyday people watch various advertisements, promo notifications, and promo offers. So, its obvious that they are overwhelmed by the variety of information. How to stand in this crowded information crowd Is what every company needs to understand and minimalism tends to offer that, as Visuals are 10 times more easily recognized and remembered than text. Not only the reduction of colours but maintaining a predefined colour scheme is most important to recognize the product and services over the web within a few seconds. Do you want to build a similar website UI design that follows the latest UI UX design trends? Get in touch with Samp Technologies, the best UI UX design agency.

2. Simplify the User experience (UX)

The more Simplified you are, the more acceptable you will be! A simplified and easy-to-use application and web actions are preferred by everyone and everywhere. In this techno-dynamic world, where everyday a new technology evolves and fits into each ones life like a necessity, everyone expects to complete work only through a few clicks, the elongated and confusing user experience design will not allow the user to visit your web portals and web pages again. The auto fill element is the best for todays busy and impatient people. Simplified log-in and registration are some of the latest UX trends.

3. Voice User Interface

Interaction with voice user interfaces is again becoming one of the trends in UX due to its extensive use in UX/UI design. Its been obvious for a long time that the design must not be visual to work well. One of the many emerging technologies from the years is virtual assistants and voice interfaces. They explicitly affect how users communicate and seek information, perform their everyday tasks, etc. To give users the greatest experience, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon have introduced the Voice User Interface (VUI) with other companies. Where voice interfaces for most sites and applications are not commonplace, the trend in the future is nowhere to be lost. In 2021, more websites and applications can be viewed to suit a voice-act.

4. Pastel Colourful Background

Nowadays, minimalistic and basic web design are the most trending elements. So, interface designers use pastel colours to highlight the lightness and discreteness of the design which accentuate the creativity in the web designs. These colours fit very well into different ideas. It sets the right tone and vibe for various websites such as e-commerce platforms or SAAS apps. The trend of various gradient modes has been prevalent in the past and is still an important user interface design trend to date. Now the gradients become lighter, but they look a lot more intricate at the same time. The thing is that previously Interface designer in linear gradients used about 2-3 colours. Now it is possible to expand the number of shares to 10.

5. Mobile friendly Approach

Nearly half of the search queries are done from mobile devices. People who are looking for a coffee shop or restaurant to have dinners or order movie tickets on their smartphones, browse market areas to book or reserve their visit. In this era of creative visuals, Web designs must be attractive and excellent not just on your desktop website but also in mobile screens. This is why the first mobile strategy has become a major UX trend. Web designers are looking for an excellent way to increase customer interaction.

Visually Appealing icons

Icons are one of the most effective tools for visual interaction with your target audience. Using minimalist and easily recognized icons are the powerful UX trends prevailing in this digital era. They possess the ability to convey meaning without the use of any text or words. Icons from the same family should be selected. The size and dimension should be the same. This consistency will demonstrate your expertise and highlight your websites authenticity.

7. Typography Selection

Almost every interface designer knows how important it is for a website UI design, product, or application to choose the right font. People dont like reading, they scan on the Internet. They discover information valuable to them in this manner. Experiments with fonts have also become one of the outstanding UI design trends. Web designers are now using complicated typography, they strive to emphasize and communicate to consumers the most relevant information. In the era of digital designs, Websites are entirely based on typography. Such websites seem to be interesting and engaging for visitors. In general terms, the combination of fonts is an essential part of every web solution.

8. 3D Visuals

Three-dimensional UX designer integration into web and mobile interfaces has witnessed increasing growth within the past few months. 3D graphics designer and animations give the user a fast and effective understanding of the core concepts of central objects in your website and apps. Specialists in UX and UI integrate custom 3D components into UI concepts to appeal to the interests of users. Complex animations bring dynamic memorable interactions to user participation which makes websites and screens even more irresistible.


To succeed in creating a unique and engaging user interface, Select the combination of best UI/UX trends. At Samp Technologies, our main aim is to provide the most creative and high- end UI/UX solutions to achieve your business goals. We try to imbibe all the latest UX/UI trends in the design to make it most engaging from the user’s point of view. If you are looking for Best UI/UX design agency to imbibe all your needs and requirements, contact Samp technologies, one of the Best UI/UX design company Check out our UI and UX portfolios to have a glance at our creative fluids that come from our highly experienced interface designer.


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