Web Ranking Tools - A complete Guide on the Web ranking tool with reference to SEO and ASO

The era of digitalization is growing at a fast pace and adopting digitalization to grow your business is the need of the hour. Nowadays, owning a website is the most common step taken by almost every organization, but what’s the use of the website if the website isn’t visible to your target audience when they are looking out for your products and services on the Google search. There’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into the picture. Similarly, you own a very interesting game application, and it’s available on the play store, but what’s the use of owning a games application which doesn’t have adequate downloads and is not visible to the target audience. So in this condition also, an external force is required to boost up your application installs and that external force is termed ASO (App Store Optimisation). Let’s know these two terms SEO and ASO.


SEO and ASO have been legit marketing technologies for the last 20 years and used to increase organic traffic for websites and mobile applications. SEO refers to the process of improving the search engine results page (SERPs) of a websites’ ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Developing the SEO strategy for your company’s website allows you to attract customer attention to your website and increase your profits and income. A well-structured SEO strategy includes both On-page and Off-page SEO. On-page SEO involves high search volume keywords and optimized content so that **search engine** spider crawls through millions of web pages and shows the web pages which are relevant to the keywords entered by the user. You need to pay more attention to the title tags, Meta Description, Alt tags, and placement of keywords while optimizing the content on the web page.

Off-Page SEO is the combination of creating backlinks and cross-platform promotion to drive traffic to your website and increase the ranking. Backlinks can be created through a variety of platforms such as Quora, Social Media, and many others. SEO is for website ranking on the Google Search (SERP) and ASO is the tool to boosts up your application installs by driving the traffic towards your application in the play store. The main function of the App Store Optimization strategy is to enhance the visibility of the mobile application in the Android play store, IOS App store, Windows store, etc. The process of optimization helps to rank the mobile application via a specific keyword at the top of the search results. Before initializing the ASO the application was not available on the first page of the search result but after the execution of ASO, it is possible to rank at the first using the targeted keywords, hence increases the downloads. The main purpose of ASO is to increase the visibility of the mobile application and drive more downloads. Sound Great Right?


ASO and SEO have some sets of similarities and differences as well. Almost every marketer knows the difference and similarity between them. ASO is often termed as ‘SEO for Apps’, but it is more than that. Both are optimization tools, one is used to optimize the content and increase website ranking while the other is used to optimize mobile applications and increase their visibility in the play store search engine. There is a thin line between these two tools of optimization. The search intent on both platforms i.e. on website search engine and play store is different and hence different sets of strategies must be adopted to optimize the websites and apps.The search query for mobile applications in the play store is generally shorter than on Google. Specific applications are searched by their names. Therefore the relevant keywords must be more functional and short- tailed related to the specific application. Whereas, the search query for web in search engines tends to be longer due to the availability of abundance information on the web. Long Tail keywords work better for web search results.

Let’s check out some live examples on which SAMP TECHNOLOGIES have worked so far and have achieved amazing results.

SEO Results
→ About Order Beauty Supply

Order Beauty Supply is an authentic beauty product-selling website. They have various categories of beauty products and their USP is offering organic and natural ingredients products. SAMP TECHNOLOGIES have worked for its SEO and they have got amazing results with our SEO services. Check out the snapshot
ASO Results
→ About Mount Gaming Studio

Mount Gaming Studio is a Thailand Based Game application Development Agency, developing creative and interesting 2D and 3D game applications. Mount Gaming Studio was established out of a passion-driven professional who lived in the world of games, art, and design. Their mission is to provide creative, dynamic, and interesting games for their users to make the most of their free time enjoyable and interesting. As a Game Development agency, Mount Gaming studio offers the best game application design and function but they lack the coordination of ASO, there’s where Samp technologies come into the picture. We at SAMP TECHNOLOGIES have performed the ASO from the scratch for Mount gaming Studio. Knowing the harsh fact that only the development of a dynamic game is not enough, it’s ASO which is also equally important to make your game favourite among your target users. We performed the entire ASO process to increase the organic downloads by keeping more emphasis on relevant keywords.

Here are some of the live examples of our work done so far for the mount gaming studio

1. Girls Go Game - Dress up and beauty stylist Girl

The game Girls Go is the game for young girls who have a passion for dressing up and playing role play as beauty stylists. It allows various options to dress up your favourite character. This game rank in the top 10 games with the insertion of keywords on the android play store. Here is the snapshot of the ranking of this game. Visit the link to download this game (
2.Trivial Pursuit 2022: Fun Question Games

The game Trivial Pursuit 2022 is the most popular quiz game with 16 categories and thousands of exciting questions which take everyone towards increasing the educational and general knowledge. This game rank in the 2nd position on the android play store with the insertion of relevant keywords. Visit the link to play this amazing quiz game and increase your set of knowledge at
Summing Up

SEO and ASO Strategy implementation is a long, time-consuming, and result- oriented process. Getting ranked on the first page of Google doesn’t happen instantly. It’s a continuous process. Through the development of technology, search engines often adjust to these modifications by changing their algorithms which determine how your site ranks. Stay up to date and ensure everything is up to date with your SEO/ASO strategy.

Your search for the best SEO and ASO agency ends here, to rank your website and mobile application on the first page of Google Search Engine Result Page and play store. With more than 100 satisfied clients worldwide, Our SEO and ASO skills have proven to be the best and help businesses to rank at the top and exceed their digital presence. We would be happy to solve all your queries about SEO and ASO. For more details visit our website


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