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Latest Trends in Mobile Application Development

It is no wonder that the Mobile App industry is flourishing, with about 3.2 billion smartphone users worldwide. Application consumption and mobile penetration are rapidly rising, with little evidence that in the near future they will slow down.There are almost 1.4 billion tablet users worldwide, which has grown by 36% in the last 6 years.A study shows that 10% of people check out their cellphones once every four minutes, We have been tremendously using our cellphones at home, while at work while eating, while roaming, while in bed, while in the car, and even in restrooms. You all must be reading this from the mobile-only.

Have you ever wondered what people might be doing on hither cell phones? Well, 88 - 89% of your mobile time is spent on using and exploring various Mobile Application curated by highly experienced app designer.The Mobile app development industry is developing at a tremendous pace and One must know the changing trends in mobile application development in order to survive and flourish in this digital Dominated world. App development is undoubtedly one of the creative and active rising sectors with over 1 billion smartphones and 179 billion mobile apps downloaded annually. Google apps, social media Apps, Payment Apps, Entertainment channels apps, and gaming applications are probably dominating the mobile device market.

Today, The increased use of Mobile phones and Mobile applications has fundamentally transformed various business models, operation models, and the nature of marketplaces. Who knew that virtual marketplace would also come into existence? The formation of mobile applications is driven by technological advances, which enable companies to have their vision in the coming years. By the year 2025, the Mobile application market is expected to generate revenue of around 800 billion.In this ever-evolving and dynamic world, only having a digital presence is not enough. Having a dynamic and attractive mobile application, developed by the best app development companies is the need of the hour and every business must adopt this strategy to be on the priority list of your business prospects.It’s a natural human behaviour, after notification from zomato or dominos, the urge to have it increases even if one had not thought of having it. It’s completely true in order to tap your potential target audience, it is very important to be in front of them, and nowadays being on the cellphone of your audience is more than enough. Also, just having a mobile application enough, you need to incorporate the latest mobile application trends in your business application.

Here are some of the latest mobile development trends, one needs to follow

1. The Emerging Chatbots

One of the Emerging Technologies is Chat bots, which has become a major feature of a mobile app that has established its supremacy. Along with offering seamless access to the consumer, it also increases the operating efficiency of companies running the app. With the strength of AI and machine learning, chatbots have developed over the years, making them one of the most important E-commerce and mobile technologies available. As chatbots grow and change according to how they are leveraged, companies need to recognize why mobile app user experience is imperative. According to a recent study, over 70% of millennia and Gen Z aged 16-34 years were willing to buy consumer products from mobile application through the assistance of chatbots.

At present, the Google Play Store has around 2,5 million downloads, and the Apple App Store has around 1,8 million. You will be surprised, however, that only a few apps have chatbots that make better UI/UX services possible. It is a real business opportunity to incorporate a chatbot into your mobile app, a significant mobile app development trend in 2021, with 80 percent of companies projected to use chatbots before 2021. A highly experienced and digitally integrated App designer would also recommend you to get this boarded in your mobile application.

2. Building Compatible Mobile Application for Foldable Devices

With the arrival of foldable devices in the market, it is necessary to build or restructure the mobile app design in such a way that is compatible and responsive over foldable devices as well. Keeping a track of the latest mobile application trends will help you to trigger your business in every aspect. The unresponsive and slow mobile applications are not preferred by people. One can take advantage by increasing the screen size or utilize the extra space in an efficient manner. Hence, developing the apps keeping in mind screen size is one of the biggest challenges and opportunities as well to excel in your industry. The Best **Mobile developer** and app development companies can offer the best and high-end solution for the folding device-compatible mobile application.

3. 5G Networks

Finally, by 2021 the much-anticipated 5G network is to be on the market. And in 2021 5G connections will boom from 20 million to 100 million according to statistics. 5G would be super fast, nearly 100 times faster than its predecessor 4G. Combine this high speed with the low latency and reliability and see why this technology is all strongly rooted. 5G will bring transformative improvements in streaming media because 4G streaming will end up being an illusion without buffering. The handling of 3D objects by VR & AR is possible with its larger bandwidth. It also leads to the enhanced connectivity of IOT services.

4. AR and VR

The gaming and video arena have already been conquered by AR and VR. It is only a matter of time, however, before these developments reach all facets of our everyday lives. Thus, in 2021, many AR-based ideas are projected to become fully usable mobile applications through the top **mobile app development** company. This will be very helpful for sectors such as health, tourism, education, retail marketing, etc. Mixed reality would also revolutionize our experience of social media. Facebook already had Facebook spaces introduced for interacting via VR with our mates. Instagram now helps us to build our own filters of augmented reality

5. Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Mobile applications are becoming popular among businesses across the world. Statistics show businesses benefit enormously by having access to mobile applications for enterprises. It improves inter-agency coordination, enhances employee satisfaction and efficiency, and increases ROI. A large no of companies would be utilizing enterprise apps by the end of 2021. Almost every top mobile app development company offers this recommendation to all the huge business houses to integrate their operation through this trending and highly useful application.

6. Highly Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

Web browsing now mostly takes place via mobile devices. Rapid, sensitive, and user-friendly mobile app development is key to increasing user participation. Mobile Accelerated Pages (AMPs) help reduce the loading time of a page and increase its speed. Not only AMPs help to increase user experience, but they also boost user traffic. AMP has developed a strategy to boost search visibility, one of the fast-moving growth trends in the Mobile App. The loading time on AMP websites is four times faster than ordinary pages. Google therefore supports and traffics these websites. AMP contributes to improving SEO and user commitment, making it an unavoidable growth pattern for mobile application development trends in 2021.

7. Smart Wearable’s

Wearable’s make big waves among users already. Many users use smart watches, Smart jewels, displayed cameras, body sensors, etc. The cool thing is that these devices can be managed and communicated through different mobile applications. But by incorporating IOT, even from remote locations, we can monitor these devices over the Internet. Wearable’s can monitor and analyse body movements, heartbeats, steps, the temperature of the body, levels of blood oxygen etc. Thus, they are already highly profitable in the healthcare, fitness, and sports industries.

8. Biometrics Identification

The identification of biometric smartphones is becoming inevitable. Although it was used previously to open phones, it is now used to log in and download smartphone applications to bank accounts. The simplistic use of the smartphone app has an important impact on this trend. You dont have to type it, you dont have to sketch some pattern, just a touch or glance. However, with this pattern increasing, protection concerns still need to be taken into account. All the smartphone applications built-in 2021 should be ready to use both Touch ID and Face ID. Biometric verification must involve Retina detection, speech recognition, hand geometry, or facial characteristics, as well as face identification and fingerprint scanning. Its a special, non-replicable, constant over time and there is no danger of forgetting and that is what makes it a suitable security authentication tool.

9. Instant Apps

If we get the applications without downloading and installing them, we all love it, right? The ultimate solution is instant applications. Not only do they don’t need to be mounted, but they are also smaller in size as well. Thus, regardless of hardware or storage capacities, they are quicker than standard applications. As the creation of instant apps is relatively easier, mobile app developers and app designer can benefit greatly. In contrast with other apps, the cost of creating a smartphone app is also lower. There will be a wide emphasis on the growth of instant apps due to their simplistic mobile app design


What the future holds in the development of smartphone apps is thrilling. Its simpler than ever to create an app. You can now help people significantly from keeping a track of their App. There are many benefits of successfully tracking your Mobile App. Today, you can find many additional features in tracking app By 2021, it will be a hundred times safer, quicker, and easier with the introduction of 5G technologies and revolutionary smartphone app developments.It is a big step forward to incorporate this Mobile app development into our mobile application. For this, you need a reputable and best mobile app developers team or the best mobile app development company, Samp Technologies is a great choice in this respect. It is one of the best mobile app development company with highly experienced app developers and app designer. You will find all kinds of mobile app solutions for both Android and IOS platforms under one roof.


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