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Instagram new update - Instagram swipe up links to be replaced with link stickers

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms for social media marketing that helps in increasing brand awareness, getting quality leads and it is also used for entertainment purposes. Currently, Instagram is keeping more emphasis on improving the story interactions so it is changing the way external links are shared in the stories. The current Swipe up links options will be removed entirely and will be replaced by its new Link sticker option. Instagram confirmed that all users who can currently access the swipe-up link for Stories will be able to access the new link stickers. Swipe-up links for Stories will be removed at the end of this month.

Instagram says link stickers will provide a range of benefits

A more efficient way to create stories - Donation, Music, Poll, and now Link stickers in Instagram Stories enables you to express yourself and share what matters to you. Creative control - The sticker appears and works in the same way as previous ones (e.g. question, poll, and location). It can be switched to various styles, be resized, and put to the maximum impact wherever in your stories. Engagement improvement - The update might be a step forward. It will enable you to insert more prominent links in your Story frameworks, which might give you more options of clicking and focusing your story more on driving this action.

Lets use this new feature and share your views with us!

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